Startups stories: an app to protect your data & AI to fight climate change

Startups stories: an app to protect your data & AI to fight climate change

24 Mag 2022 Startup 0

Startup stories about using AI algorithms to fight climate change and raising €1 million at 24 with the aim of protect user privacy. They both collaborate with the Genoa Entrepreneurship School, a 4-week summer accelerator where students will have space, practical advice from leaders, and the Georgetown University – UniGe double certificate of completion.


0:00 How to fight climate change with AI 0:20 fundraising and starting costs 2:08 The road to entrepreneurship is not linear 4:10 Grad school as a gym to experiment with startup ideas 5:10 Selling t-shirts to understand sales 6:06 Self-help app: second try that didn’t work 6:34 Transferring your PhD research to an MVP 8:33 Run interviews to reach product market fit 10:22 Time from idea to first MVP and 1st round of funding 11:05 Even with the best technology, selling is another game 11:56 Funding a company at 23 to protect your data through GDPR 13:28 6 people, 6 different nationalities: how to meet co-founders and first hires 13:45 Raised €1M, 55k users 14:15 How 2 non-technical co-founders can build a tech company 15:16 €20k to get the first prototype outsourcing the engineering 16:00 Resources to start a company while being a student 19:05 Bridge between Italy and US for tech and entrepreneurship 19:44 Accelerators in Italy and in Europe 20:43 Does it make sense to join an accelerator? 21:46 Freelancers vs employees for product development 22:22 Benefits of having an advisor in a startup 22:54 Remote vs in-person startups 24:23 Equity allocation for advisors and employees 25:59 Fundraising process for young founders 27:56 A startup is often a long-term game 32:59 Technical knowledge vs business experience 34:26 How to find startup ideas?

Guglielmo Schenardi, Thomas Scherman, Erick Turricelli