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I consigli di 2 studenti di Hardvard e Wharton

4 Nov 2022 0

Silicon Valley Study Tour (SVST)

Dal 2005, il SVST ( porta studenti e giovani neo-laureati in Silicon Valley. L’obiettivo è creare un ponte tra giovani italiani ed i ricercatori, founders, manager, imprenditori, business angels, VC executives, ingegneri, designer e professori in Silicon Valley. Gli studenti provengono dalle università e dagli enti partner del SVST, alcuni dei quali forniscono borse di…
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12 Ago 2022 0

Cybersecurity ed università

Con il Mentor Federico Ora ricercatore a Huawei e prima professore al Politecnico di Milano  Federico Maggi enjoys working on various Cybersecurity topics. He has done offensive and defensive research on web applications, network protocols and devices, embedded systems, radio-frequency control systems, industrial robots, cars, and mobile devices. Federico is a mentor for LeadTheFuture, a…
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22 Lug 2022 0

Reinforcement Learning and Robotics

Reinforcement Learning and Robotics, Job Hunt as a Ph.D. in AI

16 Lug 2022 0

Saving our planet’s biodiversity with AI, the academic job market – Sara Beery, PhD Caltech

Bio: Sara Beery has always been passionate about the natural world, and she saw a need for technology-based approaches to conservation and sustainability challenges. This led her to pursue a PhD at Caltech, where her research focuses on computer vision for global-scale biodiversity monitoring. She works closely with Microsoft AI for Earth and Google Research…
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3 Lug 2022 0